Why do I need to provide my banking details?

It allows you to transfer funds via ACH securely & efficiently to the SPV through our partner Plaid.


  • We make it easy and simple.
  • ACH is the preferred method of sending your funds for investing.
  • We use Plaid to link your current banking institution with the SPV bank account.
  • The following slides show step by step what to expect and what you will see along the way.

    When getting ready to fund your investment, you will see the following screen. Go ahead and click “Funding”. If this is your first time you will need to click on “Add funding Source”.  

    Select whether you would like to wire or ACH with Plaid. If you choose to wire, you will be served wiring instructions to use with your banking partner. 

     Click on Continue and select your banking institution.


    With Plaid, you will be asked to enter your username and password. After logging in, you will be able to choose the bank account you would like to use to send the funds.


    Lastly, if you cannot find your banking institution you can choose to wire money instead of ACH.