What do I need to close a deal on Glassboard?

There are four requirements in order to close your deal and invest in the portfolio company or target asset

Congratulations, now that all of your investors have subscribed, it's finally time to wire the funds to the portfolio company or target asset!

There are four requirements that must be passed in order to close your deal.

  1. The closing balance on your closing statement is positive
    1. The Assure fee and Blue Sky fees will be automatically deducted 
  2. All fund documents have been signed
  3. All investors have passed KYC/AML verification
  4. A purchase agreement for the target asset is uploaded to Glassboard


To close your investors into the deal, click on Investors > Deal closing. You can also do this directly from your closing statement.

If your closing statement has not reconciled to zero, you can view your closing statement for more detail.

When ready, select Close your investors into deal. 

At this point, you will be warned that no changes can be made to the deal, including carry percentages. Select, Proceed to deal close process.



It is now time to initiate the outbound wire transfer to the beneficiary; the portfolio company or target asset. 




You have closed your deal. Please allow up to 24 hours for the Assure team to review the legal documents and confirm the wire instructions with the beneficiary and with yourself.



For questions and general support, please browse the Glassboard Help Center or chat with us live using the launcher on the bottom right corner of your screen!