What are The Investor Statuses & What do They Mean?

This information is for Investors and Organizers to better understand the statuses and what is needed to resolve them. Having and understanding this information will help bring quick resolutions to your needs to bring deals to close.

Investor Statuses

  1. Invited
    1. Accept this invitation to participate in the deal
      1. This status reflects that an investor has been invited to the deal but has not yet created their investment profile within the deal to participate.
  2. Pending
    1. This status reflects the investor accepting the deal and in the process of creating the investment deal profile
      1. Create a profile and select the investment you would like to use to participate in the deal
  3. Needs Signing
    1. This status reflects that the investor has created the profile within the deal but needs to sign their associated fund documents to take part
      1. Sign the Subscription Agreement
        1. This fund document shows the amount that you wish to subscribe for within the deal
      2. Sign the Operating Agreement
        1. This fund document is an agreement between the investor and the fund showing that you have agreed to the function of the fund
      3. Sign the tax document
        1. These are needed for tax recording purposes required by the IRS
  4. Needs Funding
    1. This reflects that the deal has not received funds for the investor’s investment
      1. This can be resolved by sending funds via Plaid for your investment or by wiring in the money via the wire instructions on the overview page of the deal
  5. Committed
    1. This reflects that an investor has signed their documents but has yet to send in funds via the platform
      1. If the investor has wired in funds outside the system, please contact Assure to have your status changed to “Funds in Transit Manual” Deals@assure.co
  6. Funds In Transit Manual
    1. This status reflects that an investor has sent their funds in via a wire from their bank, once in this status, the Organizer can allocate funds to your investment
      ***The system Plaid was not used to send in money, this status can only be created via Assure. If you have sent in your money via a wire. Please advise Assure of this asap so that your funds can be allocated correctly for your investment.***
  7. Funding Sent
    1. This indicates that funds were wired in via the Plaid system, this being ACH. This process can take 2-3 days before the funds are received
  8. Transfer Refunded
    1. This reflects when an investor has had their funds returned to them via the platform using ACH which can take 2-3 days
  9. Canceled
    1. This reflects that an investor’s profile has been canceled and is no longer part of the deal
      1. This change can only be completed by Assure
  10. Completed
    1. This reflects that the deal has received funds and that all tasks for the investor have been completed to take part in the deal
  11. Closed
    1. This reflects that the deal has been closed, meaning that funds have been accounted for and sent to the portfolio company to complete the deal