Updating the Investment Amount for Investors

Investors can increase or reduce their Subscription or Investment Amounts as needed.

Investors have the ability to update or change their subscription/investment amount throughout the deal cycle if needed. If the investor needs to update their subscription amount, they can do so by logging into Glassboard, clicking into the deal tile and clicking the "Edit Investment" and "Update Deal Documents."

Once they click "Update Deal Documents", they will taken to the page where they can update their profile, investment amount and funding sources. To update the investment amount, they will need to scroll to the following section and update the amount in the "Enter Subscription Amount" section. Please note, the subscription amount must equal or be greater than the minimum investment amount.

Once the information is populated, the "Generate Documents" will turn green.

The investor will click the "Generate Documents" button and will be prompted to re-sign the deal documents with the new subscription amount information.