What is the name of the Purchaser for the Purchase Agreement?

The entity legal name of the SPV will be the official "purchaser" of the asset from the Portfolio Company.

The SPV (or the "fund") will be the purchaser of the asset from the portfolio company. The legal entity name (i.e, "Fund 00xxx, a Series of Assure Labs GB 2022, LLC) will be the name that needs to be provided to the portfolio company for the official purchase agreement.

If Assure is the Fund Manager, we will be signing the purchase agreement. Please supply the following signature block to the portfolio company:

Purchaser: (Entity Legal Name)
By:  (please leave blank)
Name: Assure Fund Management II, LLC
Title: Authorized Officer of the Fund's Manager
(801) 419 0677
PO BOX 171305
Salt Lake City, UT 84117