Creating Investor Profiles on Glassboard

Investors can create and manage multiple profiles within Glassboard

In order to participate in an SPV on Glassboard, all invited investors must create both a Glassboard account along with at least one investor profile.
Investors may have as many profiles as necessary to meet their specific needs. For example, separate profiles could be made for an individual or an entity such as an LLC. Your investor profile will be used to populate the subscriber information on the subscription documents, so be sure to list the name that will have ownership of the subscription.

You will be prompted to create a profile upon accepting an invitation into a deal on Glassboard. You will start this process by clicking into the Tile on the main page of Glassboard and by clicking "Invest Now."


From there, you will be prompted to select an existing profile or create a new one. 

On Glassboard 2.0, the investor has the option to register as an Individual, Entity, Trust, Joint or Retirement.