Why do I need to regenerate the documents for the invesor if the committed amount doesn’t match the investment amount?

Each investor signed a legally binding contract for a specific dollar amount on the Subscription Agreement. If the investment amount doesn't match the Subscription Agreement amount, the deal will not progress.

Step by step process for document regeneration initiated by the organizer

1. The organizer clicks on the "Investors" tab.

2.  Then, the organizer will need to click on the three dots under the "Actions" column to the right of the investor that needs to have their documents regenerated.

 3.  Next, click on "Re-generate documents." 

4.  You will now see a pop-up box. You will need to enter in the correct amount of the funds received and then click “Send a request to investor”. The regenerated documents will now be sent to the investor to approve and sign.

5. The investor will receive an email where they can choose to approve or deny this change. If approved, the documents will regenerate to reflect the updated dollar amount.