How do I track the progress of my SPV on Glassboard?

Glassboard 2.0 allows you as the organizer to monitor and track your own deal’s progress.

Once you are logged in to Glassboard 2.0, please go ahead and click on the deal tile. Under the “Investors” tab, click into the “Investments” section. You will be shown the status of all the investors involved.


For you to close your deal, every investor must be in "Completed" status. The investor will be "Completed"  when the following requirements are fulfilled.


1. Each investor must show “clear” under the area where it says “KYC/AML Status”  

2. Each investor must show “Completed” under the “Status” area. This is when the investor completes their profile.  


3. Each investor must sign their documents. Once they do, the pencil icon will turn green, reflecting that the documents have all been signed.  

Once all investors are completed, you are able to click on "Deal Closing" and proceed to close on platform.