How do I invite Investors in to the Deal on Glassboard?

Organizers can easily invite investors to a deal on Glassboard 2.0

The organizer will need to login to Glassboard 2.0 and locate the deal on the main page. Once the organizer click on the deal tile, they will be taken into the "Deals Details" subpage on the "Overview" tab.

The organizer will have the option to either click the “Invite” button which will lead to additional steps below or they can copy the link provided and share it with the investors in their own personalized email.

After the organizer clicks the “Invite”, they will be given the dropdown option to either “invite investors to this deal” or “invite yourself to this deal. When they click the “Invite investors to the deal”, the organizer will be prompted to enter the email addresses of the investors. After the emails are enter, the organizer can click “send invite”. This sends over an invitation to the investor that will take them to Glassboard 2.0 to create an account.


The organizer can use the template email provided or they can make an edit to the template by clicking "Edit Email."


Investors will then be able to subscribe to the deal.