How do I invest in my self-directed IRA or 401k?

When you are using your Self-directed IRA to invest, it is important that you contact the custodian company where your IRA account is held.

The is an integral step in the process because each respective custodian company may require additional specific information and/or additional documentation from you.

  • Creating your profile

To begin your investment please select the “invest now” button once you have followed the invitation link sent to you by the organizer of the deal.

  • You will then create your profile using the “Retirement” profile option.

  • You will then select the type of retirement account you will be using and complete your profile.

  • You will then enter your subscription amount, the name of the bank where the transfer will be initiated and then generate your documents.

  • After this step you will sign your documents, add your funding source through either plaid or wire using the wire instructions and the investment will be complete.