How do I close my deal?

This illustrates how a organizer can initiate a close.

1.  Start by accessing your deals home page.

  • Proceed to the “Investors” tab and then the “Deal closing” sub tab

2.    Once “Deal Closing” has been selected a short pop-up preview will demonstrate your next steps. Please review to better understand the steps to forming your close.


- Once preview is over you will be taken to this main screen overview of your process

3.   Once the preview is completed the recommended first step is to ensure that your balance of the fund is zeroed out upon close and wiring funds out. This can be done in the section shown below by clicking the “Get to zero” option.


4.  Once opened, the following pop out will open with information that will provide a breakdown of funds within the SPV.

5.  Here is an example of a completed “Balance your fund” with amounts reflecting wire out and fees being accounted for. Remaining Balance must be $0.00


6.  Once your funds have been balanced out to zero you will proceed to the next step of verifying your investors are ready for close.

-The following field will reflect that all investors have signed their documents via the platform, this is updated automatically when your investors complete their set-up

-The next field represents your investors pass KYC/AML. This is updated automatically when all investors complete their profile set-up and are verified by our team.


-This last field reflects the investors you are including in the deal. This field will need to be completed by you as the client to move forward with your close.

7.  Below is an example of what you will see when opening “Investors included in close”


8.  On your next step you will be asked to add a beneficiary for outbound wires (Portfolio Wire/Management Fee)

-Select Add Beneficiary to proceed

-Fill in requested information in the following fields to move forward with close.


9.  This section is specifically reserved for showing that you have provided a Purchase Agreement to be signed for the deal to move forward.

*If you are having trouble adding this, do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance

10. Once all fields and sections have been completed this button will become available. This will allow you to sign the fund documents then allowing us to countersign and process your close.