How do I waive carry?

This will help guide you step by step on how to waive carry on your Glassboard 2.0 deal. Please use the according instructions to help guide you to success.

  1. Start by logging into your deal's main page. From here you will want to ensure you are on the “Investor” tab and then the “Investments” sub-tab.

  2. From here you can select your investor “Actions” button

    a.  Selecting this button will bring up the following pop-up menu 

    b. Select the “Edit Side letter” option will allow you to adjust the carry being waived for the investor in the following view

3.  Once completed you can view this submitted amount in 2 places
    1. First is on the Investor’s investment tab
      1. This can enter an expanded view just by selecting the investor

b. The second view is available on the “Overview” tab “Carry” sub-tab