How do I invest in my deal?

This article is a guide to assist in adding your funding source for your deal

  1. Once completed with document signing you will be asked to provide a funding source to meet your subscription for the Deal
  2. When providing your funding source, you will be provided with two of the following options for sending in your funds
    1. Viewing the wire instructions will allow you to send in a wire separately from the platform
      1. When sending a wire please notify your organizer that you have sent funds via a wire (Make sure to select “I will wire my funds”)
    2. Using Plaid will allow you to link your bank account to the deal to have money sent via ACH (This Guide for Banking Details will help walk you through setting up your ACH)
  3. Once you have provided the funding source by either Wire or Plaid, you can verify all steps are met by the green checkboxes next to each section

    Edit your Profile/Investment Information